Unpleasant as it may sound to many, tooth extractions are often a necessity. Some situations demand that a tooth be pulled out. Such circumstances include:

  • When a tooth has such severe infection and decay that there’s no chance of saving it with root canal therapy
  • When you have crowded teeth and the dentist wants to make room for an orthodontic realignment
  • Our dentist may recommend an extraction if a tooth infection presents a considerable risk to your overall health, especially if your immune system is compromised. Examples of scenarios that fit this bill include if a person is undergoing chemo or an organ transplant.
  • If you have severe periodontitis that has loosened your teeth, the dentist may recommend pulling out the teeth as part of the treatment plan.

If any of these scenarios apply to you, call Grafton Dental today and schedule an extraction.

What To Expect During Extraction at Grafton Dental

Many people are incredibly fearful of extractions. After tooth extraction in Pleasant Hill, the thought of a Pleasant Hill dentist pulling out a fully-developed tooth from your mouth isn’t very comforting. At Grafton Dental, extractions are not a painful experience. We use local anesthesia to numb the region near the tooth. As such, you’ll only feel some slight discomfort during the extraction. If you suffer from severe dental anxiety, make sure to inform our dentist about this. In some instances, general anesthesia may be used to put a patient to sleep throughout the extraction.

After the anesthesia, the next step is to pull out the tooth from the jawbone. For this, our dentist grasps the tooth using a pair of forceps. The dentist will rock the tooth gently to loosen it from your jawbone and surrounding ligaments. If you have a problematic tooth that doesn’t respond well to this motion, the dentist may need to remove it in bits and pieces.

After pulling out the tooth, the dentist will give you a gauze to place over the area where the tooth was. This gauze helps to stop bleeding. The dentist near you will also give you after-care instructions and an antibiotic to prevent infection.

Before getting an extraction, it’s essential to disclose any current health issues that you may have with our dentist in Pleasant Hill, CA, so that they may advise you accordingly. Patients with congenital heart conditions, liver cirrhosis, damaged heart valves, and impaired immune systems should share this information with our dentist 94523.

Do you have a tooth that you want our dentists to remove? Call Grafton Dental in Pleasant Hill, CA today, and schedule a smooth and almost painless extraction. We also offer services in surrounding locations of Walnut Creek, Concord, Martinez, Danville, Lafayette. Visit us today for services!

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