Teeth Whitening In Pleasant Hill, CA
Teeth Whitening In Pleasant Hill, CA

Staining and discoloration of teeth is a common problem affecting many Americans. Over time, lifestyle habits such as smoking, high intake of caffeine, and even poor dental hygiene may alter the natural color of your teeth. Age, too, may affect the color of your teeth.

Have you always wondered why a lot of seniors tend to have yellowed teeth? As you grow older, the structure of your teeth changes. In particular, dentin—the second layer of the tooth—may become darker. At the same time, enamel—the outermost layer of the tooth—becomes thinner with age. As such, an older person who experiences these two structural changes may be seen to have yellow teeth even if they’re practicing proper dental hygiene.

Grafton Dental has helped thousands of clients to overcome the challenge of stained and discolored teeth regardless of their age. If you’re in Pleasant Hill, CA, and struggling to accept the color of your teeth, we recommend booking a dental appointment with us. We’re always happy to restore the smiles of our patients through our teeth whitening procedure in Pleasant Hill, CA.

The Teeth Whitening Procedure at Grafton Dental

The first thing we’ll do once you get to our dental office, is to thoroughly assess you to determine the extent of your discoloration and staining. If you’re suffering from a different dental condition such as gum disease, we’ll recommend that you address this first before moving on to the teeth whitening.

If your teeth and gums are in good shape, save for the discoloration, we’ll proceed to clean your teeth properly. Afterward, you’ll get a whitening kit consisting of toothpaste, rinses, or strips and instructions from the dentist in Pleasant Hill CA on how to use them properly.

At Grafton Dental, we advise our patients to take good care of their teeth post-whitening because your teeth will stay white for as long as you’re able to clean them properly and avoid staining agents such as tobacco, caffeine, and deep-colored foods such as berries. We cater to a larger audience than that at cosmetic dentist 94523; therefore, you can access our services in surrounding locations such as Walnut Creek, Concord, Martinez, Danville, Lafayette. Visit us today – schedule an appointment online.

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