Many people are fearful of root canal treatments because of the common misconception that this kind of dental treatment is painful. The truth is that getting root canal therapy in Pleasant Hill might be the best decision you ever make for yourself, especially if you’re highly susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. Before delving into the steps involved in root canal therapy, let’s answer the question that’s probably on your mind: what’s root canal therapy?

Root canal dentist near you, referred to as endodontic treatment, is a form of dental treatment that involves the complete removal of infected pulp tissue from the inside of a tooth. During this procedure, the dentist near you desensitizes the nerves inside the tooth and eliminates all signs of infections.

Three-Step Root Canal Therapy in Pleasant Hill, CA

At our Grafton DDS dental office, we perform root canal therapy in three distinct steps. The first step involves thoroughly cleaning the root canals using endodontic files. During cleaning, the dentist in Pleasant Hill, CA, removes dead and infected pulp tissue to stop further degeneration of the tooth. Before the cleaning, the dentist 94523 will have collected sufficient information regarding your teeth by asking you questions, taking radiographs, visual examination, and making impressions of your teeth.

The second step after the cleaning is the filling of the now-hollow root canals. Our Pleasant Hill dentist will fill your root canals walnut creek using a sealer paste and a rubber-like material known as gutta-percha. You will, after that, be allowed to go home and wait for the final step, which is the placement of a dental crown.

The third step is the addition of a crown to ensure that the patient can use their teeth as before. A dental crown is a porcelain, gold, or resin-composite cap that covers the exposed part of a tooth.

It’s essential to get a dental crown as it ensures the filling in your root canal doesn’t chip away. A dental crown also allows you full functionality of your teeth, as it can be especially challenging to chew on teeth that don’t have cuspal protection. After a root canal dentist near me treatment, your tooth becomes biologically dead, and you’ll no longer be able to experience pain or sensitivity. Depending on the extent of your infection, or if you’re getting root canal therapy on several teeth, you may require several appointments before you can complete treatment.

If you’re in Pleasant Hill, CA, and looking to get rid of toothaches permanently and restore your molars or premolars’ function, give Grafton Dental a call today. Our dentists will also be available to offer you services even if you reside in nearby locations of Walnut Creek, Concord, Martinez, Danville, Lafayette. Visit Grafton Dental for assistance today!

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