Emergency Dentist In Pleasant Hill, CA
Emergency Dentist In Pleasant Hill, CA

Are you reading this because you’ve been searching online for an emergency dental clinic near me? If so, we hope the following information is helpful. If you have immediate questions about our emergency dental services, please call our office to learn more.

Suppose you or a family member are experiencing an emergency dentist in Pleasant Hill, CA, or a nearby East Bay city. In that case, we invite you to give us a call now to receive triage information about your dental concern. Although we are not walk-in dentists, Grafton Dental does provide emergency dental care. When you call us before your arrival, our dentists in Pleasant Hill and their care teams will be able to prepare our clinic to ensure that the needed equipment is available for your specific dental emergency.

This preliminary phone call can also provide helpful information about what you can do at home or en route to your urgent dental care appointment. For example, if you’ve had a tooth knocked out, or a dental crown has fallen off, our team will advise you on transporting the knocked-out tooth or how to reattach the dental crown temporarily.

Whether you’re visiting our area and searching for an emergency dentist or a resident of Pleasant Hill and its neighboring cities, our dentists near Downtown Pleasant Hill Shopping Mall are here to provide exemplary care.

Wondering if You Have a Dental Emergency?

Every patient’s perception of a dental emergency will probably be different. While almost everyone will agree that an impact injury resulting in a knocked-out tooth or bleeding from the mouth is a reason to see an emergency dentist near you, other situations are more nuanced. For example, if you experience bleeding gums when you brush or floss, that’s more of a sign that your teeth need to be cleaned or that your gums need to be treated for periodontal disease.

Give us a call for prompt triage care.

FAQs Related to Dental Emergency

Emergency dentistry involves prompt dental care for urgent issues such as severe toothaches, broken teeth, or injuries to the mouth.
Yes, a severe toothache is painful and can make it difficult to work, eat, or even sleep. It usually indicates a larger underlying problem, like an infection that can be dangerous to your overall health. Addressing a severe toothache promptly can alleviate pain and prevent further complications.
Absolutely. A broken tooth can lead to infection or further damage if left untreated, making it essential to seek emergency dental care near you as soon as possible.
Any pain in your mouth should be considered an emergency and evaluated soon. Swelling in your face should be evaluated urgently. Other could include broken teeth or teeth that fell out during an accident. Even a crown that has fallen out should be put back on soon. If it is left off too long, it may no longer fit.

Keep the tooth moist and come to the dentist as soon as possible. Call us after hours and get seen immediately. The sooner we can get the tooth back in its socket and secure, the more likely you are to get to keep it.

If the tooth dries out, it will damage the ligament that holds the tooth to the bone. Putting the tooth in the socket or in your cheek as you get to the dentist is probably your best choice. Submerging it in saltwater or milk are the options as well. Getting to the dentist in the first hour or two after the accident is really important.

Emergency dentists at Grafton Dental offer a range of services tailored to address urgent dental needs, including tooth extractions, temporary or permanent repairs for damaged teeth, treatment for oral infections, and pain management.
Our emergency dentist understands the urgency of dental emergencies and strives to schedule appointments promptly. Contact us as soon as possible, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs on short notice.
Before your emergency dental appointment, take note of any symptoms or issues you're experiencing and gather relevant information about your dental history. Additionally, follow any instructions provided by our team over the phone to ensure a smooth visit.
At Grafton Dental, we prioritize patient comfort, prompt attention to emergencies, and comprehensive care tailored to individual needs. Our experienced dentists and caring staff are dedicated to providing exemplary emergency dental services to patients in Pleasant Hill and surrounding areas.
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