Dental Exams & Cleanings In Pleasant Hill, CA
Dental Exams & Cleanings In Pleasant Hill, CA

Regular dental exams are a highly crucial component of your oral health care. At Grafton Dental, we advise that you visit our dental office at least once annually for a thorough dental check-up followed by cleaning. Dental exams allow our dentists in Pleasant Hill CA, to detect oral health problems before they become severe. Even if you don’t have any oral challenges, regular checks are vital as they prevent the development of them.

What to Expect During Your Dental Examination

You don’t need to be anxious about your next dental exam Walnut Creek as the process is simple, straightforward, and painless. Below is what will happen when you book your next dental exam with Grafton Dental in Pleasant Hill, CA

  • Our dentist near you will conduct a visual examination to determine the state of your overall oral health and dental hygiene, including checking for any white patches or sores that may be indicative of oral cancer.
  • The dentist 94523 will check for any symptoms of tooth decay and cavities, including early indicators of the same.
  • We’ll check if your bite and jaw have any problems and if you require replacement teeth.
  • Our Pleasant Hill dentists will also assess your enamel and decide whether you need fluoride treatment.
  • If necessary, we’ll take x-rays and impressions of your teeth.
  • If you require treatment for a particular reason, we’ll formulate a treatment plan collaboratively and schedule your next appointment.

Dental Cleaning at Grafton Dental

  • During your appointment, our dental hygienists will clean your teeth by:
  • Removing plaque and tartar from your gums and teeth
  • Getting rid of any stains that may be on your teeth

Dental exams and cleanings usually require a single appointment, except in the case where a problem that requires further addressing is detected. A dental exam and cleaning session requires thirty minutes to an hour, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition. We may use or forego local anesthesia for your dental cleaning, depending on your preference.

Benefits of Dental Exams & Cleanings

Dental exams and cleanings allow you to be proactive about your oral and overall health, instead of waiting until it’s too late. By detecting an oral problem early enough, you can remedy it while it’s still in the early stages, thus saving you time, money, and most importantly, your teeth. Dental exams and cleanings prevent gum disease. Science often links gum disease to cardiovascular disease, and getting checked for periodontitis (gum disease) may help to lower your chances of heart disease and stroke.

Call Grafton Dental in Pleasant Hill, CA today to schedule your dental exam and cleaning.

You can also avail of the benefits of dental exams and cleanings in surrounding locations of Walnut Creek, Concord, Martinez, Danville, Lafayette. Schedule an appointment at Grafton Dental today for services.

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