Partial Dentures and Dry Mouth: Grafton Dental

Partial Dentures and Dry Mouth: Grafton Dental

January 1, 2023

Do you miss a couple of teeth or all your teeth and seek replacements for them to restore your smile and mouth functionality? Whether you need replacements for all your teeth or a few, you receive help from various options like dentures, bridges, and implants.

If you don’t want to spend on expensive restorations requiring surgery or tooth structure removal from the adjacent teeth if you miss a couple of teeth in the aesthetic zone, you can consider partial dentures as a non-invasive and affordable option for the replacements. Getting partial undoubtedly requires a few appointments with the providers of partial dentures in Pleasant Hill before you can get the replacements you desperately desire. However, the effort is worth it because it helps restore the aesthetic appearance and functionality of the part of your mouth affected by tooth loss.

The Process of Getting Partial Dentures

When seeking partial dentures near you, arranging an appointment with the Pleasant Hill provider becomes essential to provide a series of impressions of your mouth to custom-create the partials. The providers create a plastic model of the part using the impressions you provide. The model helps evaluate changes in the color, shape, and fit that might need corrections before creating the final partial. The last part is made based on the evaluations and fitted appropriately. Adjustments might be required over time as your jawbone shrinks and changes shape.

After the partials are delivered, you might confront challenges adapting to them during the initial stages. For example, you face difficulties with chewing, speech, and lousy breath besides dry mouth, which might also affect you. In addition, a fungal infection, oral stomatitis affects over 50 percent of people wearing dentures, whether complete or partial making it essential for you to remain cautious.

The Importance of Saliva for Dentures

Saliva is an essential health requirement. However, the lack of saliva when wearing dentures can make the dental appliances lose and irritated, leaving sores in the mouth besides infections. Saliva helps stabilize the replacement teeth creating suction between the gum tissue and the device. In addition, saliva also lubricates the dentures to prevent abrasion and irritation that might result in mouth sores that might send you to the dentist near you seeking treatments for them. In addition, saliva also helps prevent the fungal infection of oral stomatitis.

Symptoms of a Dry Mouth

Lousy breath and challenges speaking are primary symptoms of a dry mouth. Your mouth may change color to appear red, thirsty, and generally sore. You might notice corners of your mouth cracking and find food testing differently.

How to Relieve Dry Mouth

When wearing partial or complete dentures, you might experience discomfort when you develop a dry mouth. However, you can deal with the problem comfortably, making efforts to relieve the dryness. For example, you should try sipping water frequently during the day to help reduce the symptoms. It would help if you also avoided alcohol and caffeine because these drinks are responsible for causing a dry mouth. You are avoiding tobacco, whether smoking or chewing, is also suggested by dentists. You can also try chewing sugar-free gum because they help stimulate saliva flow.

If certain medications are causing dry mouth, you might have to discuss the issue with your healthcare provider seeking alternative options to help alleviate the problem. Find it challenging to eliminate dry mouth with partial dentures. Your dentist can also help by suggesting remedies to moisturize your gums and create a durable seal with the appliance.

Partial dentures are removable appliances needing removal every night for cleaning and soaking them in water or cleanser. You might find it uncomfortable to eliminate dry mouth. However, cleaning and storing your partials appropriately can help them from drying out.

When you receive new partial dentures, you will likely experience some challenges initially when speaking, eating, and smiling. However, when you get used to having the appliance in your mouth and receive help overcoming the challenges you confront, you will find artificial teeth fitting comfortably in your mouth to help restore aesthetics and functionality. If you are constantly worried about your dry mouth, discuss the issue with the dentist and your medical healthcare provider for advice without ceasing to take any medications they prescribed for your general health. Adopting the techniques suggested earlier also helps moisturize your mouth with saliva to help overcome the problem or get used to the condition after getting partial or complete dentures.

If you need help with a couple of missing teeth, Grafton Dental near Four Corners provides them with instructions on the challenges you might confront when wearing these appliances. Consult this practice to receive replacement teeth with partial dentures remembering that you might encounter problems with a dry mouth when wearing the device.

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