How Long Can You Have a Temporary Dental Crown

How Long Can You Have a Temporary Dental Crown

April 1, 2023

A crown is a dental restorative material placed on a damaged tooth to restore its shape, size, and functionality. Crowns can either be temporary or permanent. Temporary crowns are made differently from permanent crowns in terms of the material used and intended lifespan. Additionally, temporary crowns protect your teeth while the permanent crown is in production. Please schedule a consultation with us at Grafton Dental for more information about dental crowns.

How Long Can You Have a Temporary Crown

Ideally, you will have your temporary dental crowns on until the lab is ready with your permanent crown. This usually takes three to 21 days. Additionally, you may have the crown longer than necessary if undergoing periodontal or endodontic treatment. Permanent crowns cannot be placed if the site hasn’t fully healed.

However, don’t have your temporary crown on against your dentist’s advice. You may be prone to a gingival infection in case of a fracture or a leak at the site. This is because the cement holding the temporary crown eventually washes out. These crowns are also made with stainless steel or acrylic materials, which need to be more durable. For temporary dental crowns in Pleasant Hill, CA, the dentist will manufacture them on the spot.

Getting a Dental Crown

Dental crowns near you will require two dental sittings. It’s during the first sitting when you will receive the temporary crown.

First, the dentist will prepare the tooth and the surrounding gum tissues by numbing them. However, this doesn’t slowly happen, especially if the tooth has removed its nerves, but it will make the procedure comfortable.

Next, the tooth will be filed on the top and sides to make space for the temporary crown. How much the tooth will be filed will depend on the type of crown to be used. For example, full metal crowns are thinner, and the dentist will not remove as much tooth structure as he would for porcelain dental crowns. If a significant amount of tooth is lost because of decay or damage, the dentist will have to fill the tooth with composite materials to rebuild the tooth’s structure.

An impression of your tooth and mouth is taken. This helps the patient to maintain their bite. The dentist will use both the upper and the lower teeth impression to make a model of your tooth. A temporary crown made from resin or metal is then placed to protect the tooth before the permanent crown is ready. You will have to be careful when wearing these crowns since they are less stable.

It’s during the second appointment when the ready-made permanent crown is placed.

Caring For Your Temporary Crowns

After getting your temporary dental crown, there is a list of aftercare tips you should follow to avoid complications.

Diet. Temporary crowns are also good quality and will not just come off as they are being held by cement. It would help if you were wary of what you are eating. Avoid sticky, hard, or chewy foods such as apples, candy, hard bread, nuts, or chewing gum. Sugar from sugary foods may get into the gaps of the temporary crown and lead to dental issues such as decay and gum infections. Avoid hot and cold foods. They may weaken the strength of temporary dental crowns.

Oral hygiene. After a temporary crown is placed, it may feel uneasy, and the temptation of avoiding brushing and flossing your teeth may come. However, you should floss and brush your teeth as you normally do. Slide the floss between your dental crowns gently and avoid pushing it down. Gently brush around the crown area using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Do not use an electric toothbrush. Rinse your mouth after a meal to wash out residual food particles.

Dental appointments. Mark a date on your calendar when you have your follow-up dental appointment. The second appointment will take less time than your first one, and with no time, you will be free of any tooth discomfort. Have regular dental-check ups even after getting your permanent crown as a preventive measure against dental infections.

Both permanent and temporary dental crowns are a worthy investment for oral health. Visit our dentist near Lafayette, CA, for advice on the best dental restoration procedures to give you a perfect smile.

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