How Often Do You Need a Dental Cleaning?

How Often Do You Need a Dental Cleaning?

December 1, 2021

You may have information on how essential it is to get your teeth professionally cleaned to reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. However, do you have information on how often you must visit dental exams and cleanings near you to ensure you are not affected by any oral infections? The American Dental Association recommends six-monthly visits to your dentist or earlier as recommended by the professional to get your mouth examined and teeth cleaned. Dentists near you also recommend exams and cleanings at six-monthly intervals unless you are affected by gum disease when more frequent visits prove beneficial.

Dental exams and cleanings are not fearsome and merely a routine procedure to ensure you aren’t affected by any infections in your mouth. In addition, if you have dental insurance, it helps you understand that your insurers reimburse routine exams and cleanings. Therefore if you fear the costs of the appointment, you can put your mind at ease because the visit to the dentist in Pleasant Hill isn’t going to cost you anything.

Why Are Routine Dental Exams and Cleanings Essential?

Dental exams enable the dentist to identify signs of micro-cavities, receding gums, oral cancer, and even symptoms of other medical problems. For example, as gum disease is associated with cardiovascular disease detecting it early lowers your chances of heart attacks or strokes. The exam also enables the dentist to provide information on your dietary habits, restorations you may need in your mouth, check existing restorations to determine whether they are in optimal condition, and provide advice on how to improve your oral hygiene regimen.

Professional cleanings from a registered hygienist help remove plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth. Even if you are diligent with your at-home dental care, you find it practically impossible to remove all plaque on your teeth when brushing or flossing. Excess plaque in your mouth hardens into tartar within 48 hours. The combination of plaque and tartar is a leading cause of gum disease because tartar is nonremovable by brushing and flossing and needs professional help. The cleanings eventually leave you with gleaming teeth because the hygienist polishes them after removing plaque and tartar deposits by performing a deep cleaning and giving you a professional brushing with gritty toothpaste to remove surface stains on your teeth. You also receive fluoride treatment at the end of the cleaning process to battle cavities for several months.

What to Expect During a Dental Exam?

During a routine dental exam with the dentist in Pleasant Hill, expect the professional to examine your mouth and entire oral cavity comprehensively, looking for signs of various issues like oral cancer and other conditions that might potentially cause medical health problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, et cetera. Visiting your dentist also helps reveal early signs of issues more severe than plaque and tartar. For example, dentists examine your mouth for signs of oral cancer using unique tools when looking for red and white patches and other abnormalities appearing suspicious.

Dental exams are a preventive measure to ensure you are not affected by or prone to any conditions that might affect your oral and overall health. The entire procedure is completed by the dentist in under an hour, leaving you with peace of mind knowing you are not affected by any dental or medical issues. Therefore expect the dental exam to proceed comfortably without any apprehensions in your mind.

How to Proceed Getting Dental Exams and Cleanings?

Every dentist works to provide preventive care to avoid any dental issues that may affect you. However, if you haven’t scheduled an appointment for the procedure, you must call dental exams and cleanings in Pleasant Hill> to set up your meeting with the dentist confidently because the professional isn’t going to refuse an appointment and will welcome you to provide any primary or preventive dental healthcare needs to ensure your oral health remains in excellent condition.

Before you visit the dentist 94523, make a list of any questions you have about why these exams and cleanings are essential and the benefits you can derive from them. The responses you receive from the dentist will undoubtedly convince you that you must never again delay or avoid dental exams and cleanings

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