Fluoride Treatment In Pleasant Hill, CA
Fluoride Treatment In Pleasant Hill, CA

Fluoride Treatment Near You

Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally. Foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, coffee, black tea, and water are a few of the natural sources of fluoride. To understand fluoride treatment in Pleasant Hill CA is beneficial, it’s essential to appreciate what goes on behind the scenes as far as your teeth are concerned. Your tooth has several layers, and the outermost layer is the enamel. The tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in your body and is made from various minerals. Every day, the enamel is exposed to factors that cause loss of minerals (demineralization) and reabsorption of minerals (remineralization).

Your tooth enamel may lose its minerals if you eat foods high in carbohydrates and sugars, and fail to practice proper dental hygiene. In this case, bacteria will break down the food debris and cause an acidic environment that breaks the enamel, leading to tooth decay.

Fluoride is one of the minerals which can strengthen the enamel and prevent tooth decay. Fluoride remineralizes the tooth enamel by making it stronger and more resistant against acid attacks from oral bacteria.

Fluoride Treatment in Pleasant Hill, CA

Most people can rely on fluoride obtained from foods, water, and fluoride toothpaste. For some people, however, it’s better to visit a dentist in Pleasant Hill CA, for a professional fluoride treatment. If you suffer from dry mouth, gum disease, or even a history of tooth decay and cavities, we recommend visiting our dentist near you for a fluoride treatment session. That is because the conditions mentioned above make you more susceptible to cavities.

At Grafton Dental, we use highly concentrated fluoride gels and varnishes, which give better results than what you’ll get with over-the-counter rinses. The fluoride gel is applied directly to your teeth, and you’re required to wait a while for the enamel to absorb the fluoride properly. We advise our patients to wait at least thirty minutes before eating or drinking after a fluoride treatment.

If you’re at high risk for cavities, it’s essential to visit our Pleasant Hill, CA dental office at least thrice a year to ensure that your teeth are getting the required amount of fluoride. We’ll also recommend fluoride toothpaste and rinses that you can use at home after your fluoride treatment at Grafton Dental. Other than fluoride treatment in Pleasant Hill, we also offer treatment services in surrounding locations of Walnut Creek, Concord, Martinez, Danville, Lafayette.

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